5 ways to hang a picture on a wall without drilling it

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hang a painting on a wall without drilling it

You have just acquired a small, unpretentious painting like the one above and you want to hang it on your wall, but now you have cold sweats just at the sight of a drill (so you’re a drill-phobe)!

So you’re about to throw away this beautiful painting since you obviously can’t hang it in your beautiful bathroom.

As you can see, whether it’s because you have to or because you’re afraid of the drill, it can be interesting to know how to hang a picture (or anything else) on a wall without having to make a hole in it.

In this article, I propose 5 ways to hang a painting on a wall without drilling a hole in it and thus avoid the Mona Lisa ending up in the garbage dump!

Here we go.

1 – Hanging pictures

For me it’s the best, we’re talking about the ultimate method, but don’t let that stop you from looking at the rest!

hang a picture without making a hole

With this kind of tabs, you can forget about nails, screws, tacks that damage the walls!

The Command™ picture hanging adhesive tabs therefore allow you to fix frames, in a simple and solid way, without tools, without holes and without traces.

You can use these hooks to hang your pictures on many surfaces (tiles, painted walls, melamine, stainless steel …).

The Command™ pinning system makes it easy to securely fasten but also to unhook and reposition the frames as many times as you want.

This promotes according to your desires and needs a nomadic and fun decoration.

hang a picture on a wall without drilling it: Command picture hanger

The tabs are also available in a variety of sizes to fit frames and have amazing weight bearing capabilities, up to 20 pounds!

When you’re ready to remove or move your paintings, the tabs pull out cleanly so there are no holes, marks or sticky residue.

Pattex also sells this type of picture hanger.

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2 – Adhesive nails

to hang a picture on a wall without drilling it: the adhesive hook

This kind of nail allows you to support objects up to 1 kg without drilling.

You can use this type of adhesive nail on wallpaper, plaster or even painted walls.

The advantage of these nails is that they are adjustable in height and therefore they allow you to align vertically paintings with the possibility of putting 2 of them to support a painting without taking risks.

You can also remove these nails, they do not leave traces at the place of their installation, and replace them in another place by taking a new adhesive tape.

3 – The double face

hanging a picture on a wall without drilling it: double-sided tape

We are on the same principle as the adhesive nail.

Indeed, to hang your picture without drilling a hole in your wall, the idea is to take double-sided tape and simply stick a hook on it.

All you have to do is find a hook with a large enough surface area to stick to the tape.

to hang a picture on a wall without drilling it : hook

I advise you to buy directly the adhesive hooks already mentioned in point number 2.

4 – The fixed paste

There are fixatives strong enough to hang your paintings without risk.
to hang a picture on a wall without drilling it : fixed paste

This kind of fixed paste is powerful enough to support paintings up to 3 kg.

The advantages are multiple, you can at any time reposition your paintings without any traces on your walls.

5 – Neither Nail nor Screw

The famous no nails or screws will also allow you to fix your paintings without drilling your wall.

The major disadvantage is that this type of fastening is a bit permanent.

Personally, I do not recommend this type of fixing.

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As you can see, there are many ways to hang a picture on a wall without drilling it.

Personally, I advise you to use the Command picture hangers, which do the job perfectly.

And you, what are your techniques to hang a picture without making a hole?

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