ACS WORX Landroid Wa0860 : Installation, test and review

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As you may know, I recently bought the Worx Landroid L1000 WR147E.1 robotic lawnmower (I suggest you to read the article on the installation of the Worx robotic lawnmower).

After having equipped it with toothed wheels, I decided this time to invest in the ACS system (Anti Collision System) which allows to give “eyes” to the Worx robot mower.

In this article, I propose to tell you about its installation, the first test and my first opinion.

Ultrasonic anti-collision system for WORX Landroid Wa0860 robots : what is it ?

The ACS option allows the Landroid to detect obstacles such as trees and furniture, and turn accordingly to avoid them.

The ACS system for the Worx Landroid robot mower is an anti-collision system that uses ultrasonic technology with an intelligent navigation system around obstacles.

Thanks to this ACS system, your Landroid will not collide with various obstacles, such as garden furniture, the barbecue, an inflatable pool, a soccer goal…

So as I said above, you will give your Landroid robot mower some eyes !

On the other hand, it is important to specify that setting up the ACS system on your Landroid will not deprive you of setting up the peripheral wire !

Indeed, a Landroid will not work if it is not within a perimeter set by the perimeter wire.

Conventional robotic mowers run into obstacles.

Only the Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower’s ACS with autopilot technology can avoid them.

All other robotic mowers are generally blind: they cannot avoid collisions and can easily get stuck between obstacles.

Daily bumps damage your trees, plants and outdoor furniture.

A Landroid robot mower equipped with the ACS Anti-Collision option effortlessly steers itself around objects or obstacles in its path.

Technical specifications:

  • ACS: anti-collision system
  • Operated by ultrasonic sensors
  • Quick installation
  • Reliable obstacle avoidance

Delivered with :

  • ACS Worx anti-collision module
  • Fixing screws
  • User manual
  • Storage box

ACS system for WORX Landroid Wa0860 robots : Unboxing

Let’s go for the unboxing of the ACS system.

Here is the box:

ACS system box for Landroid robot mowerACS system box for Landroid robot mower

When you open the box, you discover the extremely well protected ACS anti-collision module:

ACS system for Landroid robot mowerACS system for Landroid robot mower
ACS system dismantled with plugsACS system dismantled with plugs

Installation of the anti-collision system (WA0860) on the Worx Landroid

First of all, we will have to remove the cover to install the ACS system on our dear landroid.

A simple screwdriver is enough to remove the cover.

Cover for the installation of the ACS systemCover for the installation of the ACS system

Once the cover is removed, you will discover 2 wires with plugs:

Landroid robot plugs for connecting the ACS systemLandroid robot plugs for connecting the ACS system

We will remove the plugs of the landroid to connect the anti-collision system ACS WA0860 :

ACS-ready cardsACS-ready cards

Here are the landroid plugs ready to receive the ACS system.

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You will notice that the 2 plugs are different, one is smaller than the other:

Landroid filesLandroid files

It is now time to connect your anti-collision system to Worx Landroid.

Connecting the ACS to the Landroid WorxConnecting the ACS to the Landroid Worx

And now your landroid has eyes!

ACS and LAndroid connectedACS and LAndroid connected

Now that it’s connected, you’ll have to fix the ACS on the Landroid.

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To do so, you will have to use the two screws provided and screw them in the holes provided.

Note that an alen key is provided with the ACS.

For more ease, I advise you to separate the ACS in 2 as on the picture below.

Place the wires in the hole provided for this purpose.

ACS attachment to LandroidACS attachment to Landroid

Once the wires are properly positioned, you can then attach the first part of the GBA:

Fixing the first half of the GBA on the LandroidFixing the first half of the GBA on the Landroid
Fixing the second half of the GBA on the LandroidFixing the second half of the GBA on the Landroid

And that’s it, your anti-collision system is now attached to your Landroid Worx robot mower.

Test and opinion of the Landroid’s ACS anti-collision system

I advise you to see what it gives in the video below.

The robot mower avoids perfectly the rather imposing flowerbed in my garden.

Indeed, the obstacle to be avoided has to be big enough to be well spotted and avoided.

The ACS detects objects of more than 20 cm in height and more than 25 mm in width.

Note that if the grass is taller than 20 cm, the ACS will consider it an obstacle; therefore, it will not be cut.

If this is the case, it is recommended to deactivate the ACS function (via the screen or the app).

Note that ACS is disabled when:

  • the Landroid is lifted or blocked ;
  • the Landroid starts, the ACS is then deactivated for a few seconds ;
  • the Landroid returns to the charging station by passing over the boundary wire;
  • the Landroid goes to a mowing area;
  • the Landroid meets the boundary wire and turns around, the ACS is then deactivated for 2 to 8 seconds;
  • it is raining (as large drops can be recognized as obstacles);
  • morning dew is abundant;
  • the robot is lifted;
  • the sensors are dirty (remember to clean them regularly).

Also, note that the ACS is not compatible with ultrasonic devices such as pest repellents.

These emit ultrasound that interferes with the sensors.

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