How to clean a coco carpet ?

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The coir carpet is a natural fiber carpet and also naturally woven.

The fibers come from the outer shell of the coconut, which gives a rustic look, it is a very robust material and therefore has a long life, it is not rich in color but its simplicity makes its effect, it gives character to a room that can be decorated in a modern way but with a carpet or a coir rug it gives personality to the whole, in addition to allowing the little ones to play on the ground without worry.

Composition of a coir carpet

The coir carpet is made from coconut fiber, the good thing about this kind of carpet is that it is not harmful to the environment because the harvest is fast, the fibers are obviously treated and woven by hand, the back used can be non-ecological but if you want to stay in this field you can put jute or linen to support the fibers.

The coir carpet is as close to natural as possible, so its composition is very simple, the fibers only need a support to be able to hold and be robust.

cleaning a coco carpet

Cleaning a coir carpet

  • You should not wash a coco carpet, it only supports small quantities of water, the ideal for him would be the vacuum cleaner.
  • Every 06 months sprinkle the carpet with bicarbonate and then vacuum it to clean it.
  • Brush it gently.
  • If the stains are very stubborn, it is recommended to use vinegar.
  • An aureole may form when cleaning a stain.
  • Alcohol will remove old stains.

There are some products that we all have at home that allow us to clean stains such as vinegar, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, hairspray; their use depends on the type of stain that we have and in case none of the products removes the stains it is better to ask for advice in the stores selling this kind of natural carpets, they usually offer adequate products while respecting the natural fiber.

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Coir carpets are relatively fragile against stains so it is important to be careful, not to wipe your shoes on them, to make sure that children have clean hands when they play on them and to avoid any staining product near them, this will make your carpet last and in a good condition.

It is good to know that the coconut fiber beyond its aesthetic aspect as much as carpet can be beneficial for the plants because it supports the bacterial life.

choose a coco mat

Why choose a coir carpet?

Whether for a business or a home, it is always necessary to install a doormat.

It allows all guests to wipe their feet, thus avoiding dirt on the floor. However, there are products that are much more efficient than others, since they offer, for example, a consequent absorption and this is the case of the coco mat which is proposed in different forms.

  • It is possible to customize it according to your needs and desires with your slogan, your logo.
  • The manufacturers also offer you a custom-made carpet so that it can fit perfectly to the front of your premises.
  • The coir fibers are spun by hand and you have a sole with 4 mm thickness so that it is robust and it avoids the coir carpet to move.
  • The logo is made with a performance technique since the experts opt for laser.
  • This customizable mat can be installed indoors and outdoors, it is also suitable for all high traffic areas.

The coconut fiber carpet has serious advantages that you can not neglect and maintenance is relatively simple. Generally, it is enough to shake it so that all the residues are removed.

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