How to put Japanese footsteps on turf

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Objective – Put Japanese steps to create an alley to the garden

The idea of this photo report is to show how you put Japanese footsteps in a lawn.

Let’s first present Japanese footsteps that I chose:

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

I took Japanese footprint prize at Bricodepot at a price of 2.99 euros the unit.

Frankly, they are pretty and for the usefulness I have, I find them perfect.

1 – Position Japanese Pas

At first, you have to position Japanese footsteps over the entire path envisaged to realize what it will give.

Generally, the steps are slightly offset and distanced from 50 cm from center center.

Do not hesitate to change the positioning, make tests and especially every time, take the path thus create to see if it is easy to snake on the way.

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

Once the final positioning is validated, you can move to the second step.

2 – Make the hole to bury Japanese pitch

In order to pass the mower without problem on the driveway, we must bury the Japanese footsteps about 1 cm from the surface of the lawn.

At first, using a spade, we will draw the wave of the Japanese step to make the hole.

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

Once tracing, we will be able to move right next to the hole location by keeping its positioning to be able to replace it.

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

We must now remove the earth inside the trace left by the spade.

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

It will take the stones and level the earth inside the preparation hole.

My land being very sabonous, I do not use sand under my Japanese steps but I advise you according to the consistency of your land to use a bed of sand.

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3 – Position the Japanese step in the prepared hole

Japanese step being positioned next to its final position, it remains only to move the step in the hole without changing the orientation.

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

It will now have to play with the earth (or the sand) to position the Japanese step in height.


As a reminder, the step must not exceed not that the mower blade “Cogne” in.

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

Once well positioned, I advise you to ride the ground to pack the earth and especially to see if the step is stable and does not rise from one side or the other.

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

4 – Finishes

Here, our Japanese step is now positioned in its final version.

We will now give the ground around the footstep.

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

A little broom and turn is played!

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

Ete Voiling Legeult:

how to put Japanese footsteps on turf

He will stay now to put a little grass around the steps and the turn is played!

If you want other ideas, I advise you this article: 5 ideas of garden driveway adjustments


The laying of Japanese not on a lawn is very easy enough.

You will mostly need elbow oil to make the holes at good depth so that Japanese footsteps do not exceed to pass the mower.

Concerning the quality of Japanese footsteps Brico Depot, for the moment, nothing to complain about, they are beautiful and resist perfectly.

I want for proof the following two photos, taken 3 years after the pose, and we can say that our Japanese little footsteps blew in the decor:

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pas japonais : 3 ans après la pose

pas japonais : 3 ans après la pose

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