How to make your dog house in pallet?

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If you want to please your pet by building a kennel where it will be comfortable without ruining your budget, a suitable solution exists.

Your kennel can be made of wooden pallets, so you can easily build it at home and at your own pace in a few steps.

In this article, we offer you the details and the steps you need to make your own kennel while putting your pet in comfortable conditions and guaranteeing him safety and protection against the weather.

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How to give your pet the comfort it needs with a pallet kennel?

A pallet dog house must be adapted to the size of your pet, especially if you really want it to be well made.

It should not make your pet feel tight or uncomfortable in any way.

On the other hand, if the kennel is too big, it will be very difficult to clean, plus heat management in the kennel is complicated if it is too big in size.

As soon as you have your pallets, you can take the measurements of your pet, the dimensions of the kennel will be linked to these measurements.

Before choosing the wood, consider the following points:

  • the kennel must be longer than the animal;
  • In terms of height, it can only be 60 cm taller than the animal.

What to buy before making your pallet doghouse

To make a pallet dog house, you are going to need a list of specific materials, but you will also need some DIY tools.

In order to make your dog house easily, there will be other materials than pallets to get, they are the following:

  • polystyrene, earth or glass wool to insulate the niche;
  • a PVC or sheet metal lacquer for the roof;
  • pallets, 5 or 6 of them – you can get them for free or buy them to guarantee their solidity.
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When it comes to DIY tools, this list contains the items you’re going to use.

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Of course, it makes sense that you use the tools you already have at home, no need to buy new ones, you will need the following:

  • elbow grease with sandpaper or a sander;
  • nails and a hammer, or screws and a screwdriver;
  • a wooden pencil and a measuring tape;
  • a square and a level;
  • a jigsaw.

Working methodology for building a pallet rack

Form a base with some pallets, use them after sanding all the pallets.

Draw with the pencil and then cut the door of the niche with the saw, then sand the rounding of the door.

Place the pallets so that they form a cube, the two main walls must be uneven to manage the drainage of rainwater.

Attach polystyrene, glass wool or place earth on the walls to provide insulation.

The body is done, you can move on to the roof.

Place your PVC or sheet metal board over the body, it is best to leave its fasteners removable, you can clean the niche more easily.

Using screws and your screwdriver or nails and hammer, effectively consolidate the pallets together, finally add a small blanket or basket for the animal to sleep comfortably, do not forget the small bowl, water especially in summer.

If you are a real handyman, you can even try to make a kennel with a terrace like this one:

terrace niche

Some examples of dog houses in pallet gleaned on the net

dog houses in pallet

dog houses in pallet

dog houses in pallet

dog houses in pallet

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