Composite terrace my opinion 5 years later – maintenance and aging

Hello friends, I know you like the file followers and especially the one that concerns my composite terrace. I have already given you news of this terrace a year after the pose, I continue today by letting you discover in image what has become of this terrace 5 years later. I present it to you at the...

Things you must know: a website that informs you daily

It is very important to be well informed. In this way, you will be able to make your own point of view. During a conversation, you will not be lost, because you will perfectly know what is the topic. But this is difficult to get informed right ?

Maybe you don’t have enough trust for the Internet, and the newspaper are too universal. Then how can you get well informed ? We have some advices for you, if you keep reading this article.

How to winterize your robot mower?

As the temperatures begin to drop and the days get shorter, it's time to start thinking about how to get your robotic mower ready for winter. In this article, you'll find some tips to help you get started. Winterizing a robotic lawnmower 1. Check the manufacturer's recommendations. Most robotic mowers have specific recommendations for winter [...]

What should I do if my dog refuses to eat his food?

For many owners, their dog seems to be a bottomless pit, always hungry and wanting more, but other dogs simply have no appetite, especially for kibble. Your dog may be refusing to eat kibble because of his picky nature or because he just doesn't feel like it, but it can also be a sign of [...]

Reasons why a cat plucks or sheds

Cats can lose their hair for many reasons, they can also pull it out themselves, after which they will end up banged up or injured. This behavior may be due to stress or illness, but why does a cat pull out its hair? We will try to answer this question in this article. Why does [...]

How to program the remote control of an automatic gate?

Remote controls for gates are real gadgets that are indispensable in our daily lives. Their ease and comfort of use, as well as the maximum security they provide by allowing to open and close the gates from a distance, make them a very important tool. Although in most cases, the gate remote controls are already [...]

It’s true, you can find some websites on the Internet, several actually, that are really worth trusting. This is, for example, the websites of TV channels, or newspaper. On it, you will find the news of the day, but that’s not all of it.

You should trust this king of websites for several reasons. The first one, the sources are checked and analysed, in order to approve their credibility. Then, every journalist who works for the TV channel or the newspaper is a professional, with a long career in this field. And well, it is impossible for a media with such an audience to tell lies. So, every information that you can find on these websites are completely true. You can have trust in them.

Social medias are used by a large population. But there are not totally worth trusting. In fact, everyone can share every kind of article on their profile : bad articles, false articles. Then, you have to make a selection according to your own criteria, in order to get well informed. Do not get confused by the amount of information, or you would get lost really easily. On Thing You Must Know, we offer you to discover everything that happen in the world, with an objective point of view. Then, you will be able to get informed in the right way !

Storage: how to store it?

We all have this room at home that serves as our storage room. We put all sorts of junk and objects that we don't use on a daily basis in there, because we think we might still need them "just in case"! But by dint of piling up a lot of objects, we quickly find [...]

How to clean a coco carpet ?

The coir carpet is a natural fiber carpet and also naturally woven. The fibers come from the outer shell of the coconut, which gives a rustic look, it is a very robust material and therefore has a long life, it is not rich in color but its simplicity makes its effect, it gives character to [...]

Build your own wooden pergola

Here is the "little" pergola I built and will share with you the construction! With the sun beating down on our house, it was difficult to take full advantage of the south-facing terrace in summer! Indeed, to install a composite deck or not and not to be able to enjoy it, it's still the last [...]

5 ways to hang a picture on a wall without drilling it

You have just acquired a small, unpretentious painting like the one above and you want to hang it on your wall, but now you have cold sweats just at the sight of a drill (so you're a drill-phobe)! So you're about to throw away this beautiful painting since you obviously can't hang it in your [...]

16 water feature ideas for your garden

Hello, We all dreamed one day of a little water spot in our garden. I have found for you 16 ideas of water basin design to reproduce in your garden! There's nothing like a beautiful water feature at home with beautiful aquatic plants. If you really dream of a natural swimming pool at home, I [...]

Top 20 garden decorating ideas

Hello everyone, I let you discover the top 20 garden decorations that can be redone at home. A short video summary for those who are interested and would like to share:  

ACS WORX Landroid Wa0860 : Installation, test and review

As you may know, I recently bought the Worx Landroid L1000 WR147E.1 robotic lawnmower (I suggest you to read the article on the installation of the Worx robotic lawnmower). After having equipped it with toothed wheels, I decided this time to invest in the ACS system (Anti Collision System) which allows to give "eyes" to [...]

How to mount a sprocket on a Worx robot lawnmower

As you could see in my article I recently acquired the Worx Landroid L1000. Frankly, for the moment, I am fully satisfied, it is really top notch. The only small hitch is that it sometimes gets stuck when it has to turn on slopes and slips outside the perimeter established by the wire. I had [...]

Robot mower Worx Landroid L1000 (WR147E.1): Installation, test and review

In this article, I would like to share with you my feedback on the choice, purchase and installation of a robotic lawnmower. It's been a long time since I wanted to buy a robotic lawnmower for my lawn, and after long market studies as I know so well how to do them, my choice fell [...]

The domestic rat

Which breed of domestic rat to choose? For several years, there has been a real craze for so-called "exotic" pets. These include reptiles, rabbits and rodents, including the pet rat. While some find them repulsive, many consider them the ideal pet. Indeed, their size, intelligence and cleanliness make them a pleasant animal to live with. [...]

Fight against oidium and mildew – bicarbonate and black soap

Hello everyone, Small article on a solution that I found on the net concerning the fight against mildew and the moundium. Well, I hope it will work because the oidium has just attacked my cucumbers and zucchini. Look rather: Cucumber attacked by the oidium Zucchini attacked by oidium   So we will prepare a mixture [...]

How to mount a SIPOREX cell concrete partition with door

Hello everyone, As obviously the small photo reports you like, here is a new on the mounting of a SiPorex cell concrete wall. Project objective The primary objective is to make a laundry room for placing washing machine, dryer and also storage of food. The location will include the water heater and what is perfect [...]

How to put Japanese footsteps on turf

Objective - Put Japanese steps to create an alley to the garden The idea of this photo report is to show how you put Japanese footsteps in a lawn. Let's first present Japanese footsteps that I chose: I took Japanese footprint prize at Bricodepot at a price of 2.99 euros the unit. Frankly, they are [...]

Wall Rain Water Recovery “Belli”: Installation and Notice

Installing a Bellijardin rainwater collector The frosts having passed, here I am in the idea of installing a "Belli" wall recuperator. Here is the machine: First, we cut the gutter to install the water collector system Then turn off the top of the collector to put it at the right size of the goutier To [...]

Dubanci, a true artist!

Hello everyone, Today, I want to zoom in on an artist who photographs a small character made of acorn and pieces of wood. It is Dubanci: So what does it look like, well this: Not bad, right? Let's continue:             You can find all these works on his website :

How to prune a rose tree?

Hello, In order for a rosebush to provide beautiful roses from spring onwards and also to offer an always pleasant port, it is advised to prune the rosebush after the last frosts until the end of March. We are talking here about training pruning and not the pruning that is possible all year round, especially [...]