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Common Ivy

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Common Name: 

Common Ivy

Flower color: 

Foliage color: 

Variegated Green

Sun (From 0 to 5): 

Water (From 0 to 5): 

Maximum temperature: 


Minimum temperature: 


Maximum height: 

30 cm

Common Ivy (Hedera helix) - Description

H. helix is native from Europe. It bears dull dark green, three to five lobed leaves with paler veins.

Common Ivy (Hedera helix) - Growth

Ivy grows on almost anything that doesn't move, clinging with its arial roots. Many trees and shrubs are compatible with ivy, but small fragile plants can be smothered. It can also be used to cover otherwise hideous walls or as an erosion-controlling ground cover or even in containers. They will grow in any type of sun, from heavy shade to full sun, and isn't terribly picky about soil if it isn't waterlogged. Some areas, therefore, consider ivy an invasive pest.

Common Ivy (Hedera helix) - Planting

Cuttings or layering will take root regardless of season. Place 1-1.5' feet apart, and as close to the wall as possible if used as a wall-covering.

Common Ivy (Hedera helix) - Pest

On houseplants, if leaves become infested with spider mites, you will notice a covering of fine webbing. Submerge the plant in a solution of mild soapy water. Mealybugs should be killed one at a time using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Use rose dust to control aphid problems. Discard ivy that are heavily infected with scales.

Common Ivy (Hedera helix) - Interesting facts

Hedera are native to Northern Africa, the Canary Islands, Madeira, the Azores, Western Europe, the Himalays, China, Korea, and Japan.

Common Ivy (Hedera helix) - Soil and irrigation

Ivies take regular to moderate water. Water only in early morning so that foliage dries thoroughly.

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