Getting rid of a wasp nest in the ground

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It’s summer, you are having a quiet drink on the terrace or you are enjoying your merguez straight from the barbecue and there were wasps come to spoil this moment of relaxation!

You try to find out where this intruder came from and there you find a wasp nest in the ground.

How to get rid of these earth wasps.

Earthen clam nest

Here’s how to kill (or deter) dangerous wasps or hornets hanging around your home.

Make them believe that the place is already taken

Many flying predators are very territorial and will not start a new nest within a few hundred feet of an existing nest.

You can take advantage of this by hanging a false wasp nest in a visible location early in the season.

Set up this false trap near where you don’t want to be bothered by these pests!

false wasp's nest

Focus on early intervention

In late spring and early summer, keep an eye (and an ear) out for new wasp nests built where you don’t want them!

Look, for example, under railings, awnings, playground equipment, eaves, overhangs, and any other sheltered nooks or crannies near family spaces.

Tiny nests with only a few eggs can be removed immediately.

After checking to make sure there are no inhabitants in them, if the queen (the only mobile resident at this time of year) has left in search of food, you can step on it to crush it.

Even nests that are a little larger but not too large – those that contain a few dozen eggs – can be destroyed with a little more care!

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Choose the coolest time of day (sunrise is good) and wear gloves, a high-necked top with long sleeves, long pants tucked into socks, and a head net, if you have one, or a scarf worn tightly over the hair.

Thoughtful Wasp

The ultimate method to eliminate wasp nests in the ground

Beware, this method is dangerous and must be applied with great care!

To get rid of a wasp’s nest, there is nothing better than gasoline.

You take some gasoline with a jerican, and you fill the wasp hole with it.

Of course, do it preferably in the evening or early morning when a maximum of wasps are present in the nest but also for your safety, they are less aggressive.

Once you have watered the nest, set it on fire but already the smell and the gasoline fumes will have had their effect!

Do not hesitate to post other tips and tricks concerning wasps!

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