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Objective of renovation

You will have understood when reading the title, the purpose of this article is to renovate a bathroom without changing the tiles.

I have already talked a little in the article on the laying of the Dumawall slabs (bathroom renovation plate), but I would like to go a little further in the renovation and layout of a Bathroom dating from the 70s.

In addition, you know that I like this kind of article as laying my composite terrace, and the view of the number of visits, you seem to appreciate them too.

We know it all, and we rebacked it enough, the bathroom in a house is a room that, when you have to redo it, can cause a holy hole in the budget.

Yes, but that’s, when you like a bathroom, whose decoration dates from the construction of the house, namely in my case 1977, and frankly, it is no longer possible.

Go, stick to have a modern bathroom without removal and tiling?

Let’s go for the complete renovation, all with renovation plates for bathroom!

What can this piece look like to reooker you will ask me?

Well, the kind of faience pulling on the maroon with the beautiful overprinting flowers, you see the kind? No, and you will have wanted, here is a picture of the bathroom:

Rénovation salle de bain

Another, you do not have enough, would you be a little maso?

Rénovation salle de bain

We will notice on this second photo the small diamond of the door handles of the bathroom cabinet.

Well it’s time to do something, is not it?

We agree, go for renovation.

1 – Painting walls in white

Already at first, a good blank is needed.

Go OUST the species of pissing yellow, we replace with a beautiful white paint bathroom!

Rénovation salle de bain

You will notice in the passage that in the 70s, people were small and the faience did not rise too high …

No, more precisely, the bathroom was there to take … baths and not showers.

So here, I’m pretty big and necessarily I put it everywhere when I take a shower, and necessarily the wall he does not like too much !!

Note for later, it will have to find a solution to avoid this in the beautiful bathroom that we prepare!

So, some brush strokes later and here is a slightly cleaner wall:

Rénovation salle de bain

You will notice that the white shot did not go to the bottom … We’ll see later why.

Once this blow of white past, you have to tackle the big job, hide this faience how to say … ugly!

2 – laying of Dumawall slabs (bathroom renovation plate)

I have already told you but I chose to use Dumawall blades to ask directly on the original faience.

These are mural adhesive slabs that can be found at Leroy Merlin.

What does it look like, well with that:

Rénovation salle de bain

These are PVC slabs that exist in several colors that can be found at Castorama and are made for that!

Dalle dumawall anthracite

dalle dumawall anthracite

Concrete gray Dumawall slab:

dalle dumawall gris beton

The dimensions (65cmx37.5cm) allow to cover a large surface quite quickly.

As a reminder, I’ll give you a small video presentation of the Dumawall slabs.

Well, let’s go back to our covered surface height problem to take my shower!

You saw it on the top picture, I need to find a solution to put slabs a little higher to protect my wall.

You must also overcome the problem of thickness related to the faience.

The thickness of the faience being 10mm, I chose to take a water-repellent pressed board to compensate for this offset.

I took 30cm width so that the height starting from the bathtub 150 cm.

WHY 150CM Do you tell me? and quite simply because 4 * 37.5 = 150 cm (for reminder, the slabs are 37.5 cm wide)

You have entered the trick!?

How to fix my board to the wall?

By chatting with the seller of Leroy Merlin, he advised me to pick up Pattex neoplus Fixing contact exterior interior

Rénovation salle de bain

A little glue on the board later, it’s time to put it in the wall:

Rénovation salle de bain

Rénovation salle de bain

And here is pile the good height to be able to place the slabs later.

Rénovation salle de bain

Once this work is done, it’s time to go to serious things, laying the dumawall plates!

We will start by putting the angle with the glue that will also serve to paste PVC slabs on the faience.

I use the Pattex Fixing PVC and ALU glue:

Rénovation salle de bain

Rénovation salle de bain

Rénovation salle de bain

Horn-severe serve will serve point Depart dalles.

And let’s go to stick the slabs!

So we resume the glue used to stick the angle and we put on the slab anywhere.

Rénovation salle de bain

I first cut the small border down, that which will rest on the bottom of the bathtub.

Rénovation salle de bain

The pose is really simple, the slab is placed against the faience and it is slided into the angle.

We make sure that the slab is placed level with a level.

Rénovation salle de bain

So far, you will agree with me that it’s rather easy, right?

Well, I confirm it, it is stupidly a stacking game while taking care to put the transparent silicone gasket to seal the assembly.

Rénovation salle de bain

And here is the work:

Rénovation salle de bain

We decided to make a mix of color.

We can see on the next picture that our Top slab perfectly adjusts with the board added.

Rénovation salle de bain

And it’s gone for more …

Rénovation salle de bain

You will probably stop the slabs to be able to align them perfectly with the others …

I used here a spatula.

Rénovation salle de bain

To follow, the paint of the faience around the bathtub.

3 – Painting of the faience with special paint renovation

Indeed for what the immediate circumference of the bathtub, we opted for a painting rather than the slabs.

At once interrogative and curious, we finally bought the painting “renovation faience of v33” in satin slate color.

Rénovation salle de bain

I admit that I was a bit skeptical about this kind of earthenware painting but who does not try anything has nothing as if the saying!

So it’s gone for painting, tablet and bath under the bathtub as well as all the skirts!

The paint must be prepared before being put. Indeed, a small bag (probably the hardener) must be integrated with the paint before being able to paint.

Rénovation salle de bain

It only remains to apply starting with the joints:

Rénovation salle de bain

We see that only one layer will not suffice, at the same time, I’m not surprised more than that …

Rénovation salle de bain

Bizarre anyway, the hue of the paint in the store and on the pot seemed much darker.

I discover by applying the painting she is a little more “light gray” than what I expected …

Rénovation salle de bain

In fact, after allowing drying and applying several layers, the color is compliant with the wait …

And here, after the slabs plus painting, I let you discover a small before / after:

Rénovation salle de bain

Go, we continue our renovation …

Now that the bathtub is realized, we can continue with the rest and in particular the replacement of the furniture.

4 – Changing the washbasin cabinet of the bathroom

Frankly we can criticize the design of the time, but they knew how to work guys !!

The idea here is to change the piece of furniture to have a bathroom design but also for gaining place thanks to the new washbasin cabinet.

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Indeed, when one has a small bathroom, all the tips are good to air a little space.

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pour démoner l’ancienger genuy, jeu beart.

Rénovation salle de bain

la ready:

Rénovation salle de bain

We wanted to preserve the piece of furniture but not had the choice, I farted everything!

Rénovation salle de bain

Do not get rid of this beautiful furniture under Louis Philippe vanity, the time is on the balance sheet.

Originally, we wanted to paint the faience instead of putting plates on the wall like around the bathtub.

Rénovation salle de bain

In front of all the holes and the general state, we finally decided to take the option of the Dumawall plates pasted on the old faience.

And for that, it had to make some cuts, still easy with the multifunction tool.

First to let the plug wires pass:

Rénovation salle de bain

Rénovation salle de bain

But also the water arrivals and evacuation pipes.

Rénovation salle de bain

Rénovation salle de bain

That’s it, you see it’s not wizarding at all to work these Dumawall slabs!

You will also noticed that I have not brought great care to cut, but it’s only because I knew it would not see it behind the grip or the furniture.

Then the furniture, let’s talk about it!

You have seen in the pictures of the top that we had a great simple cabinet with very design marble washbasin in the years 12 lol!

So we decided to switch to a double washbasin furniture that would certainly delight Stéphane Plaza!

5 – Passage of a simple basin to a double basin

We opted for double washbasin furniture sold at Leroy Merlin:

The one on the left in double washbasin with the gray color of the one on the right …

Rénovation salle de bain

It’s good to want to please Stéphane Plaza and move from one to a double basin but you still need to be able to connect and evacuate for 2 washbasins.

And there honestly, it’s at that moment that I almost gave up the adventure, turn off my torch and flee this cursed island!

Fortunately, Denis Brogniart was present, solid on the supports and caught me at the flight!

In short, I go astray …

When you go take a look at the next picture, you will quickly realize that there is a problem … uh how to say, there are problems

Rénovation salle de bain

Indeed, the furniture Perla is very nice to remaining but not at all intended for a single arrival and a single water evacuation !!

We can easily see that if a space has been provided at the bottom of the cabinet to let the pipes pass, unfortunately, we can not say as much for the middle of the furniture or it is impossible in the state to connect the two basins.

Other black point, and well by placing the furniture with height, the evacuation of the old washbasin graves hairy stack at the level of the crossing board of the furniture …

Rénovation salle de bain

Good Ben for this problem, there are no 36 solutions, you have to make a hole to pass the exhaust pipe.

We can see on the picture above the pencil trace made for cutting (always to the multifunction tool).

For what is evacuations, for the most observers of you, you will see that it existed before our arrival a bidet whose evacuation and the water arrivals were still present.

So I decided to take these arrivals and water evacuation for my second basin.

Without this solution, it would have been necessary to cut the furniture in its central part to communicate the two basins: not simple!

And that’s a good thing!

6 – Choice of mixers in the bathroom

One of the most expensive positions of the renovation of the bathroom remains the choice of mixers.

As much to tell you that I do not want to clarify the quality of the mixers.

I have experienced changing my kitchen faucet with a tap of a very known Swedish brand and 5 years later it was necessary to change it.

So, my choice will be between Grohe and Hansgrohe. Besides, if like me, you do not know the difference between the two, I advise you to take a look at the article: The difference between Grohe and Hansgrohe

Let’s go back to our sheep or rather to our mixers.

I chose to install Hansgrohe Mitimeters Mycube L Coolstart.

mitigeurs Hansgrohe MyCube L CoolStart

These are very simple mixers but make it good.

On the other hand, I did not pay attention but they open only on a quarter turn, the hot water being when the faucet is at the bottom and cold when the faucet is towards you.

I admit that at the start, it disappointed me a little, thinking even bringing them back to the store!

In the end, it’s like everything, we get used to it and that’s so!

7 – Electrical installation in the bathroom

Just a little photo to show you how electricity has been managed but I advise you to call a professional for that part.

Electricity in a bathroom must not be taken lightly! So call the adequate trades!

Rénovation salle de bain

The rest is a lot of finish, all this for that:

Rénovation salle de bain

Well very good, but you can not find that the floor swears a little now with the rest!?

Ben if, wear …

8 – Poser a single in Dalle PVC Clipsables Artens

If you want more information about the laying of these slabs, I wrote a specific article.

Indeed, it was essential to set up a new flooring, the old swearing tile completely with the new bathroom.

I leave you just the final result:

Rénovation salle de bain

It’s over !!!

9 – The result of the renovation bathroom – The photo before after

And here is the fashion of CO a small before / after final:

Rénovation salle de bain

You will notice anyway that I have to reposition the pendulum that is not at its final location!

Let’s talk a little budget, how much did this renovation cost?

This is the chapter we will now open.

10 – Price of the renovation of the bathroom?

First of all, I will not approach here than the most expensive elements of renovation.

I would therefore impasse glue, paint, silicone seal tubes and other connecting pipes with all kinds …

The renovation of the walls

7 DumaWall Plate Packages from Dumaplast at 48.65 euros Package: 340.55 euros

Soil renovation

4 PVC slabs packets Clipsable artens anthracite at 32.35 euros The boot: 129.40 euros

Bathroom cabinet and double basin

So we chose the double washbasin bathroom furniture Perla.

It breaks down into a double washbasin plan perla at 179 euros room (the les of the bathroom mirror come with the double basin, will understand)

A gray furniture perla double washbasin with mirror at 420 euros piece

The faucet

For all those who do not know, the mixers, it’s very pretty but it’s worth the skin of the c **!

After, I advise you to take the brand (Gröhe or Hansgrohe) because I made the experience of a discount price mixer that after 5 years started fleeing.

So ok, it’s more expensive but see as an investment!

I took the shiny chrome washbasin mixer Hansgrohe Mycube L at the price of 119.90 euros the unit, ie 239.80 euros the two mixers

Cost of renovating this bathroom

You are ready? taammm: 340 + 130 + 600 + 240 = 1 310 euros for the right price of this renovation!

What do you think?

You do not have more excuses today not to redo his bathroom!

This article pleased you, then it’s you to play and come asking your questions or post the photos of your own achievements!

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