How to raise a Gabon grey parrot and how much does it cost?

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How to raise a Gabon grey parrot and how much does it cost?The Gabon Grey Parrot is one of the most famous bird species. With its characteristically beautiful gray plumage, this bird is known for its curious, affectionate and sociable nature. But what distinguishes this parrot most and makes it very popular with individuals is its intelligence.

Indeed, the Gabonese Grey is a very talkative animal capable of repeating all the words it is taught, always in the right context. It can be easily educated and is perfect for a family life. Zoom on this beautiful African bird.

Who is the “Grey of Gabon”?

With its scientific name (Psittacus Erithacus), the Gabonese Gray is a very cheerful bird and shares a lot of good mood around it. It is a sociable animal that loves company and does not like to be alone.

It is part of the Psittacidae family which comes from West Africa. Its life expectancy varies from 40 to 80 years. It is about 40 cm for 500 g. Very intelligent, it is also a great talker. It is an animal that needs a lot of maintenance, because it always needs company to feel good, so if you are always away, the Gabonese Gray is not the bird you need, since it hates loneliness that can lead to depression.

the "grey of gabon
the “grey of gabon

Otherwise, you can always leave the TV on or the radio on to keep him company until you arrive.

He can learn a lot of words very quickly and use them naturally in the right context. But the words you teach him won’t be his only words! This bird can learn and repeat words that you teach him and even whole expressions by himself, without your help: the ringing of your phone, the meow of the cat, the bark of the dog …

Be careful! If you plan to buy a Gabonese Grey, it must be ringed. You must have all the information about this bird: date of birth, breeder’s ID …). You must also keep all documents related to the purchase because the Gabonese Gray is a protected bird.

The Gabonese Grey and family life

Like any other animal, the first day at home is a big day! The bird is stressed by this change and disturbed by this new place, noises, people, smells…

To soften the atmosphere, you should think of transporting it in a suitable cage that you will carry gently. In general, Gabonese Greys are adopted from the age of 4 months, so think of placing him in his new living space with great care. Please note that the price of a Gabon Grey parrot varies according to its age.

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If you have adopted an older bird, place the open box at the entrance of the cage and let the bird enter on its own, as soon as it feels ready.

To try to reassure him, don’t hesitate to talk to him, but make sure that your voice is rather soft and low, avoiding noises that are too loud (from the children, the TV, the radio …).

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At the beginning, it is preferable that only one person takes care of the bird, to give it confidence. The first few days are very important; the bird must feel secure. Once it is comfortable, you can introduce the other members of the family, one by one, always gently.

Bring him his daily meals and fresh water, talk with him and start stroking him gently, without rushing him, he needs time before letting himself be touched.

During the first week, avoid touching him or taking him out of his cage, give him time to become familiar with his environment. Do not grab him with your hands or open his cage.

During this week, try to build his confidence by talking to him and stroking him lightly to prepare him. Later, you can open his cage and let him out on his own, while encouraging him, but be careful with doors and windows.

education of the gabon grey

Education of the Gabonese Grey

As we have just shown you, you should frequently take your bird out of its cage to get it used to it.

Teach him to behave and if he disobeys you, put him back in his cage, but be careful never to yell or be abrupt. Stay very gentle!

Note also that the cage of the Gabonese Gray must be adapted to its size, decorated with a wooden play area and a mirror (it is a bird that loves to look at itself!).

The price of Gabonese Grey

The Gabon grey parrot price for sale varies from 700 $ to 1 200 $. In fact, this price varies depending on its source:

The Gabon grey parrot pet shop price: 1 200 $ The Gabon grey parrot Truffaut price: 1 000 $

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