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Hello everyone,

Delighted to meet you on Garden and House! So today, little report on the construction of a garden planter in composite decking blades! I know, you’re going to tell me, he’s drooling, he’s already done one in this report, but here we give Caesar what belongs to Caesar, or I should rather tell Magali, one of our biggest contributor, this one Is the result of the Magali method! Indeed, during the reportage on the laying of the composite laminate, Magali taught me the existence of modular border at Bricodépot. Once is not custom, I start with the picture of the result:


Well, if you keep reading, it means that at first glance you like it!

So, small precision, this planter makes 35cm * 75cm Why these dimensions? Just because my blades are 220 cm long, and if we cacule well, we need 2 blades to make this planter. So we need 2 decking blades that are 14.5 cm wide and 21mm thick. My example uses Blooma deck boards from Castorama But the main element of this planter is the famous modular border of Bricodepot devoted by Magali! Here is this famous modular border:


Let’s move on to serious things First step, saw the blades 2 * 35cm and 2 * 75cm


Once these 4 pieces of blade have been prepared, it is time to put the “hinges” at each end of the modular edges:


And then screw them (the screws are provided):




It remains only to assemble:

And here's the result :


A week later, the planter is in place.

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Another big thank you to Magali!

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Edit: Some months later I decided to make another one but this time a little bigger:

This article is a google translate of a french article : Construire un bac à fleurs en lames de terrasse composite : méthode Magali

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