How to grow chicory in a container at home

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Hello everyone,

Toussaint time, what can we do in this period?

Well, it’s time to take care of the endives we sown in May and that had been previously enlightened every 20 cm.

Objective: Cultivate chicory at home

The expected result

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Where to find his endive roots to force?

And good, the simplest is to sow its own endives.

I think it is possible to find in your local garden centers but frankly, I have never had to look for since as I explain it below, I sow them myself.

When to sow its endives and what varieties of endives choose?

The endive varieties I chose are zoom and endive crenoline.

These varieties have the particularity of being forced without land unlike endives WitLoff who need to be forced in the ground.

The advantage of these varieties is therefore to be cleaner and have the blow less taste of land with tasting.

These endives have as I told you previously been sown in the middle of May.

Les Vaintué English to Forceans Seans area to the obsCurity

“Evere Chicon,” Jaz F1 ‘, “Zoom F1 or’ Rumba F1 ‘!

Here are my endives mid September:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Discover the red endives

These new hybrids look like endives whose leaves are more or less on red.

Their flavor is often softer than that of white endives.

Use the floods to color your salads.

Cultivate as the other endives. Robin ‘(with coverage land) or “carla’ (floorless).

Make an endive in the pile of compost

Choose conventional varieties (‘Alba’, ‘hasty of Mechelen’, Flash F1 ‘) in need of a ground cover for overthrown.

Creuse a trench (25 cm in all directions) in your compost pile.

Deposit side by side the prepared roots.

Cover with potting soil.

Do not arrive and protect from rain using a plastic film or board.

You will reap the first endives 2 months later, by removing the compost that covers them.

Force its endives in its cellar

Once harvested, the new varieties can be forced without land cover.

In autumn, tear the roots and cut the foliage over the collar.

Install them side by side in a crate filled with earth or wet potting soil in an obscure cellar.

With an 18 ° C temperature, you will reap endives all clean and farms after 3 to 4 weeks.

If you do not have a cellar, install your shelter and cover the hermetically with black plastic.

The chites will form as well.

That’s what I propose to discover in the rest of this article!

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How to force his endives in trough at home when you do not have a cellar?

The idea is to show you through some photos how we are going to force these endives in a tray at home in a cool and dark place.

After snatching your endives taking care not to overwhelm the roots, you get your endives like this:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Prepare endive roots to force them

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

We will then cut the leaves from endives to about 2cm above the collar.

That’s what it gives:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

And so on for all endives you want to force:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

You can shorten the roots too long.


How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Once this step is crossed, you will be able to “give up” your endives for a few days (3 or 4) outside.

It’s time now to prepare your tray.

What forcing tray for endive choose?

I took a classic plastic tray, black so that endives do not see the day so that they are white.

The best is to take a bac that has a good height so as not to prevent endives from rising.

Castorama proposes that suit very well, I give you the link:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Prepare forcing tray to place the chicon roots

We will place in the bottom of our bin a layer of earth in order to come “plant” our endives:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Positioning endive roots in the bin

It’s time now to place our endives in our tray:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Put the endive roots to black

Do not forget to water your endives well before covering them with a black plastic bag. There I simply taken trash bags:

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How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

And here it’s over, you place your tray at a dark and fresh place and within a good month, you can enjoy delicious endives.

In any case, we meet in a month to see what it gives.

Another example: force its endives / chic in a bucket

I recovered some roots and I tell myself that it’s time to test the method with some roots only

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Well you are used to it now, we will prepare the roots:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

But this time, we will test a bucket to force them:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

Go hop, a bit of land at the bottom:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

And we place the chites:

How to Cultivate Endives At Self in Bac?

And here, a little water shot and it’s gone to put them in black!

Endives for several months.

It is possible provided you do not tear all the roots at the same time.

Prepare a crate every 15 days.

In the garden, take the precaution of protecting the roots remained in the ground while waiting to return them to force them.

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