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Managing customers is often a difficult equation for companies. Among the existing modern solutions, the chatbot holds a place of choice. It is a robot aiming at managing in a direct and automated way, the customer portfolio of the company. When choosing a chatbot agency, you must make sure that its services line up with your commercial and communication realities. Also, it is necessary to foresee a certain budget for such a technology. How much does it cost to create a chatbot? Here is what you must know.

Elements that affect a chatbot’s price

There is no standard price for the design of a chatbot. Any company wishing to have one must consider its options. Generally, it is a matter of clearly defining your needs and the functions that you wish your chatbot to possess. These parameters are those that determine the price of the software. Other secondary elements include:

  • Space or support on which it will be mounted,
  • The application, website, or social media page for which it is intended,
  • The nature of the website which receives it,
  • The flow of Internet users.

It should be noted that the chatbot exists in two main forms: the first one can explain a request because it can detect keywords. In this case, the reference terms would have been previously inserted in its memory. The second form is capable of wide conversion; it is designed to “talk” over a period of time with the customer.

A margin for costs

Developers are the computer experts who design this kind of autonomous electronic robot, capable of performing a voice conversation. Just because this technology is popular does not mean it is expensive. Indeed, developers are making it more and more accessible, with costs based on the options chosen. It is generally recommended to request an estimate of the costs. You can do so by soliciting the services of two or three developers. This way, you can compare what they propose

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Otherwise, if you want to adopt a comparative approach, you can use an online comparison tool. This helps you compare different estimates from different chatbot agencies. The best option will be the one that takes into account your budget and your needs.

Estimates according to the features of the robot

All companies do not operate in the same business sector. Therefore, they do not produce or offer the same services and products. That is why a chatbot is different from one company to another, as well as its features. This is generally where the issue of the cost arises. Some chatbots are equipped with a sophisticated memory capable of transcribing, translating, and explaining syntaxes. This artificial intelligence (AI) can be manufactured at a higher price.

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They are highly profitable because they have an elephantine memory: those are called personalized. They can undergo frequent training in order to be always up to the expectations of the company and its customers. Also, they can be programmed as many times, to serve in an ordinary or specific time.

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