How to install iis server on windows xp ?

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Microsoft’s web server, IIS, is not on the home version of Windows XP. However, the home version and the professional version of Windows XP are two operating systems that are very similar. It is possible to install IIS on your Windows XP home version. Here’s how to go about it.

The prerequisites

To successfully install IIS on Windows XP home version, certain conditions must be met. For example, you must have a Windows XP family CD available. You should also have a Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server CD.

In addition, it is also possible that the manipulation works with a CD of Windows XP pro or with Windows 2000NT. This instead of the Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server CD.

Install your IIS under Windows XP family

For the installation of your IIS, let’s start by modifying the file C: Windows INF SYSOC.INF. You must then replace the following line: “IIS = IIS. dll, OcEntry, IIS, hide, 7 “with the line” IIS = IIS2.dll, OcEntry, IIS.INf, 7 “. Next, you need to get the IIS.dI_ and IIS.in_ files from your Windows 2000 CD.

Once you have completed this step, you must use the command prompt and do EXPAND IIS.DL_DLL. This also follows EXPAND IIS.IN_IIS2.INF. You can now copy IIS2.DLL to C: WINDOWS SYSTEM42 SETUP. You also need to copy IIS2.INF to C: WINDOWS INF .

For the next step, go to Start => Settings => Control Panel => Add removal of programs => Add removal of Windows components.

Now you need to check the IIS box and go to details. You must then remove FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions and the SMTP Service.

Now remember to click on OK. This allows you to start the installation. At this step, Windows will ask you for files that will be on the Windows XP family CD. It may also ask you for files that are on the Windows 2000 CD. You will therefore just have to look for the missing files on the file concerned.

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Also, you should open the IIS administration console. You will find yourself in front of: Start => Settings => Control Panel => Administrative Tools.

Then Right Click, Properties in the “Default website” tab in the tree view. Now click on the “Edit” button in the “Directory security” tab in the “Anonymous access…” section. Be sure to check only “Integrated Windows Authentication”.

Other alternatives to install IIS

You may find this procedure rather complicated or risky. In this case, you can use another option to install the Microsoft IIS web server on your Windows XP.

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So, for ASP4 & 4 programmers, you can install Apache first. On the other hand, for ASP.NET programmers: Webmatrix will be your best solution. It is a development tool that contains a mini web server called cassini. This is ideal for testing your applications locally.

As for PHP programmers, you have the choice between installing Apache and installing easyphp.

Important tips

Even if the solutions presented allow you to install IIS under Windows XP, the best solution to have IIS is to have a version of Windows that supports it. It is, therefore, preferable to opt for a Windows 2000NT, a Windows 2000 Server, a Windows XP pro…

For good reason, the family version of Windows XP does not include any license. Therefore, the IIS that you will have on your computer will not guarantee you a certain level of security.

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