What are the 4 main areas of digital transformation?

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In today’s world, technology typically does one of two things: expose opportunities for success or threaten organizations that refuse to embrace changes in the business landscape. In other words, this pushes many companies to see digital as a lever for growth as well as a good investment in the short and long term. Also, we will review the 4 main areas of digital transformation.

The Business Process

It’s about the collaboration of your brand’s people, processes, and applications. In the world of digital transformation, it’s about transforming the processes, services, and business models your business uses by introducing technology that can leverage your team’s skills, successes, and opportunities. Process transformation offers finite activities, such as data and analytics, new ways to retrieve and process information.

The business model

Redesigning a business model means integrating technology, as it will generate revenue and improve the customer experience, rather than just implementing technology for the sake of technology. Model transformation examines the endless possibilities of businesses. Examples of this type of innovation are well known whether it is the reinvention of video distribution by Netflix, the reinvention of music distribution by Apple (I-Tunes) or the reinvention of the taxi industry by Uber.

The domain

Domain transformations occur when a business is able to successfully slip into another domain. A clear example of how domain transformation works is that of online retailer Amazon. Amazon has entered a new market with the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is today the largest cloud computing/infrastructure service, in an area previously owned by IT giants like Microsoft and IBM.

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He subsequently added his own streaming platform which is (Amazon Prime). These two areas were once dominated by major players in their respective fields, but Amazon’s financial backing has enabled it to make huge strides in entering these new markets for the company.

The Cultural and/or Organizational Domain

Different people use different systems; Getting everyone on the same page and being ready to accept big changes can be a challenge, but it will be worth it if your brand delivers a better overall result to your customers. Culture also cuts across processes, business activities, collaboration, and the IT side of digital transformation. In order to make applications faster in the market, changes are needed. This is the essence of DevOps: development and operations. In order to make IT and OT work together in companies/processes/activities, change is needed.

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