Dischidia rafflesiana

Urn Vine

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Common Name: 

Urn Vine

Flower color: 

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Sun (From 0 to 5): 

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Maximum temperature: 


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Maximum height: 

365 cm

Urn Vine (Dischidia rafflesiana) - Description

The Urn Vine is an interesting plant native from India to Australia. It is an epiphytic plant (this means that it grows on other plants or trees). It has large bowl- or urn-shaped leaves. These inflated and hollowed out leaves are used by ants in nature. Great terrarium plants!

Urn Vine (Dischidia rafflesiana) - Blooming

Blooms small flowers.

Urn Vine (Dischidia rafflesiana) - Growth

Grows best in partial shade, or bright filtered light. Keep Dischidias in pots.Dischidia works great in terrariums.

Urn Vine (Dischidia rafflesiana) - Planting

Grow semi-ripe cuttings in a shaded, closed case.

Urn Vine (Dischidia rafflesiana) - Pest

Mealybugs can cause problems, especially under glass.

Urn Vine (Dischidia rafflesiana) - Interesting facts

There are around 80 known species in the genus Dischidia, native to areas from W. Asia to the W. Pacific. Dischidia is closely related to the genus Hoya, but is not as well studied or recognized.

Urn Vine (Dischidia rafflesiana) - Soil and irrigation

Does best in epiphytic bromeliad mix. Water freely and mist frequently during the growing season. Water sparingly in winter.

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