How fast is a flowers’ delivery to casablanca?

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Due to the internet and the abundance of flower shops all around Casablanca, ordering or in-store purchase of flowers is as easy as it gets.

You are assured of timing when purchasing yourself, however, for orders and delivery, you may get disappointed with late arrival.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind how fast is a flowers’ delivery to Casablanca to help you order on time.

How to deliver flowers in Casablanca?

You can choose to order flowers to Casablanca wherever you are around the world. Most international delivery services cover the area as it is a very sweet spot for flower sales. Also, you basically have three options to choose from, when ordering flowers to Casablanca, which are:

  • An international flower delivery service
  • Research and make use of local tourists closest to the recipients’ address
  • Purchase and deliver it yourself or send it through a mail

Of the three available options, you obviously can use the third if you don’t live in Casablanca, and the second may be pretty hard to go with too if outside the area. This is why most individuals prefer to make use of international flower delivery services, where they can just order and let the company do the rest.

Examples of local flower stores in Casablanca

  • Mafleur. ma
  • Flowers Morocco
  • Blooming Flowers
  • Home flower
  • Fleurs Maroc
  • Fleuritel
  • Flower Avenue
  • La Maison D’Iys

Most of the stores above offer in-store shopping and pickups, while only a few offer delivery services.

Flowers’ delivery Casablanca: duration of the service

The duration before delivery of a flower in Casablanca is quite variable. This is because it largely depends on two factors, which are the company itself, and the time you placed an order.

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Many international flower delivery services have a reputation for quick next day delivery when you order before a specific time.

This means that if you order after that time, then your flowers might not be delivered the following day.

On the flip side, there are also a good number of flower delivery services that offer same-day delivery when you place an order. Of course, more often than not, same-day delivery attracts more expense. Give or take, the average time for same-day flower delivery service in Casablanca is within 4 hours from the time you placed your order.

Some examples of the fastest flower delivery services in Casablanca are:


Flowers4casablanca is well known among international flower delivery services for their beautiful bouquet combination, as well as little extras like wines, gifts, chocolates, and much more. They have an extensive network of local florists, which makes same-day delivery very easy.


Flora 2000 is also a very common flower delivery service with a very wide coverage area. They provide special bouquet services for all kinds of events ranging from anniversaries to funerals, birthdays, and more.

Their delivery box is also specially designed to ensure the flowers remain fresh and intact at the time of delivery. Flora2000 offers a same-day delivery service.

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Flouraqueen has thousands of reviews on its site with an almost perfect rating from customers around the world. They offer and deliver exquisite bouquets of your choice in the same day.

Other examples are:

  • Floraniche
  • Casablanca flowers
  • World petals

Although same-day flower delivery is available, place your order in time.

A good rule of thumb would be to order at least 6 hours before the time you want it delivered.

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