Kenshi how to buy a house ?

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Kenshi is a video game developed by publisher Lo-Fi Games for Windows operating systems.

The plot of the Kenshi game is to provide its user with sandbox features. It thus gives the player access to an open world and offers a multitude of features.

What is unique about Kenshi is that its development has been driven mainly by one and only one person.

This game is still talking about it on the web. Do you want to buy a house on Kenshi? Here’s how to do it.

Locate the houses marked for sale

Inside the city, you may come across buildings for sale in this virtual world. The Kenshi game contains a very wide variety of buildings. To find out if the building in question is for sale or not, you have to click above it or read the information directly. Information on the building mainly concerns its characteristics and price. However, not all buildings are for sale in the game. If you are a regular, you may notice that most of these buildings are not purchasable. There are some that you just cannot access.

Determine the desired use

Before validating your purchase, you must ask yourself: how do you want to use your property? The type of building depends on the use you intend to make of it. These immovable properties can, for example, be used as shelters for research or for energy production. It is up to you to choose the allocation you want to give to your future acquisition.

You can also find buildings in town for sale, despite the fact that they are in a state of ruin. These wrecks usually don’t have enough space. However, you can consider restoring them using building materials that the kenshi game makes available to you.

Make sure it’s a private building

On Kenshi, before buying a house, check whether it is private or public. Indeed, if the building is public, the guards will have the latitude to enter it and to conduct patrols on a regular basis. Citizens, too, will have the ease to enter and buy groceries at the counters in the building. On the other hand, citizens can also not enter the latter. It is up to you to decide, depending on your need, the nature (public or private) of the house to buy.

Ensure the availability of money and validate

The purchase price of a building is the one displayed next to it. For the purchase to be successful, your available balance must be at least equal to the displayed price. If there is no match, you are not going to be able to buy the house. After taking all the necessary precautions, all you have to do is validate your purchase. To do this, simply click on the house and validate in the contextual menu. Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to make any desired modifications in your home. Note that there are restrictions on the number of modifications that can be made to a building.

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