How to make a job search in Birmingham West Midlands ?

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Have you just moved to Birmingham West Midlands? If you have planned to reside in that area, you must be prepared to make a living. How do you do that? By actively searching for a job! However, if you are new in the city, it might be difficult to know where and how to look for work. Fortunately, there are many resources available that can help you succeed in your quest!

Job search Birmingham West Midlands Career Websites & Online Platforms

The first resource you can use for a job search Birmingham West Midlands is Career Websites and Online Platforms. Many, if not most people use online search engines to look for job openings. When you type keywords concerning your needs and area of expertise, you are immediately sent in the right direction.

Online search engines also lead you to career websites. On these platforms, you find recruiters as well as job-specific content and requirements. In most cases, you can directly apply through these platforms or you will be redirected to the organization’s website. Either way, you must meet the job’s requirements and be ready to apply with a resume and cover letter.

Referrals and Networking

Online platforms alone are not enough for a job search Birmingham West Midlands. Referrals and networking are also great ways of ensuring that you have access to job opportunities. The truth is, many job openings are not posted on companies’ websites. Sometimes, hiring managers will ask employees to refer people when there is an urgent need for a position to fill. The only way to be considered in such a case is if you are connected to someone working in the company. Perhaps you have mutual acquaintances or you know them personally. Always remember, each person you know is part of a network. Therefore, you must not neglect your outreach. You can make a list of the people you know that might have contacts in the company or industry in which you are interested!

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Companies’ Websites

If you have ideal companies in mind, you can check their websites to see if they are hiring in your field of expertise. Targeting companies specifically is a pretty popular thing to do during a job search Birmingham West Midlands. Moreover, it can be effective if you are using the right strategy.

You can either visit their websites to see the openings they are advertising. If they don’t have job openings at the moment, you can also reach out to a Human Resources agent, to politely ask for information about future openings or vacancies.

job search birmingham west midlands

Job Fairs

Job fairs are pretty popular and they are one of the easiest ways to get hired. When going through this route, you have to consider the following elements:

  • Companies that participate are announced ahead of time by job fairs. Therefore, you can research those companies and customize your resume and cover letter to meet their needs.
  • Dress properly. You have to make sure that you are comfortably and professionally dressed.
  • Prepare questions. You must ask questions to the recruiters. This shows your interests, preparedness, and passion for the job. It also increases your chances of being remembered by the hiring team.
  • Be prepared to make a strong first impression. To do this, you must show excellent communication skills. This is done through maintaining eye contact and how you present yourself.
  • Follow up with recruiters via emails if you have their contacts.
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A job search in Birmingham West Midlands is easy as long as you follow the right resources.

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