Where to buy quran in arabic ?

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The Koran, the holy book of Muslims, is made up of many verses and sacred texts. The first version was written in Arabic; then followed a translation into several languages. Today, the Koran has become popular and is sold in several copies in order to facilitate its access to all. If you want to get the Quran in Arabic, find out where you can get it.

At large sales sites or specialized sites

You can have a Quran easily thanks to the democratization of online business. Indeed, many copies are made day by day in order to strengthen the practice as well as the knowledge of Islam. This is the reason why the Quran is made available in several languages ​​with the best translations.

However, the most recommended is that of the original language, Arabic. This advice is because by translating a verse the meaning can be changed. In this case, many people can interpret it differently. The Koran in Arabic is then the most advantageous.

The sites of sale offer Korans. The advantage is that they can deliver to you no matter where you are. Among these we have:

  • Cdiscount,
  • Amazon,
  • eBay,
  • Booking,
  • Fnac.

These sites are recognized for the quality of their products, their reliability, and their respect for delivery deadlines.

In addition, there are specialized sales sites that also sell the Quran in Arabic online. These sites are the ones that generally sell anything related to the needs of Muslims.

For these sites, you only have to activate your geolocation. Then go to your maps and type buy the Quran Arabic version. You will see a list of online stores nearby where you can order your Koran and have it delivered to you.

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In Islamic bookstores

In these bookstores, you will find a collection of beneficial religious works including the Koran in all its forms. This means that by going there you have the possibility to choose the type of Koran in Arabic version that suits you.

There are various editions and sizes. All these factors cause the price of the Quran in Arabic version to differ from one bookstore to another. You will therefore be subject to a wide choice. It’s up to you to see which one suits you the most and buy it. In addition to that, going to an Islamic bookstore has many advantages. First, you can benefit from a lower-cost purchase.

Then you have the option of having a religious guide at your disposal when needed. This one will be responsible for giving you all the details about the Koran that you have chosen, before its purchase.

And finally, Apart from the Koran, you can discover other religious books that will surely interest you thanks to the wide choice offered in these bookstores.

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However, if you don’t have access to an Islamic bookstore nearby and want to buy from an Islamic bookstore, then don’t worry. There are some who make online sales. You just have to search for them on the net, choose the Koran you like, and confirm your order.

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