Why do people migrate to USA ?

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In recent years, the rate of migration to the United States has changed dramatically. We wonder what motivates this massive departure to this country. Here are the causes of the strong migration to the USA.

What drives migration to the United States

The causes of migration to the United States are numerous. Indeed, some people migrate for economic reasons. In their country of origin, they live in precarious conditions. So, they decide to go to the United States to seek better living conditions. Once at their destination, some work legally, while others try to navigate the informal economy. Most migrants don’t go to the United States just for themselves. They leave families behind. So, they are looking for money to help them.

In addition, other people go to the United States for reasons of political circumstances. Thus, they flee ethnic conflicts, wars, human rights violations, and other similar situations. Arrived in the United States, some are recognized as refugees. On the other hand, others seek asylum.

There are also people who migrate to the United States because they want to discover the country. This is the case with tourists. There are also students who migrate there to continue their studies or do training.

How is the migration to the United States done?

Under normal circumstances, anyone who wishes to migrate to the United States must apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. Thus, once the application has been accepted by them, we have the possibility to apply for an immigrant visa. The latter is completed either by an employer at the USCIS office in the United States or by a relative.

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Afterward, if the application is accepted, a notification of the interview date is received from the National Visa Center. You then follow the instructions that will be requested. After this step, you go to the interview at the embassy. Then you pay the visa application fee. If you pass the interview, you get the visa. Otherwise, we will not be able to obtain it.

Migration to the United States: the pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to migrating to the United States.


Most migrants to the United States benefit from improved living conditions. It allows them to have a luxurious lifestyle. In addition, migration allows them to earn higher incomes. This allows them to set up personal projects in their countries of origin. Thus, they participate in the development of the latter.

In addition, migration provides an opportunity for students to continue their studies. It also allows them to adapt to new cultures.

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Some disadvantages

While migration has many advantages for migrants, it also has disadvantages for the United States. Indeed, the massive entry of migrants into the country greatly reduces the number of professional opportunities. Therefore, it greatly increases the unemployment rate. Another drawback is the difference in cultures and religions. This constitutes a source of discrimination against migrants.

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