10 Indispensable Indoor Falling Plants for the Home

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Hello everyone,

Today, I would like to talk to you about a very interesting style of plant for the decoration of your interior: the falling indoor plants.

These plants will allow on one hand to bring a little greenery to your interior and on the other hand verticality to your space as can do the climbing plants outside.

Used in suspension these plants will hypnotize you with their lightness.

Be careful not to put them too high up so that watering them is not too tedious.

I propose you a small selection of 10 hanging plants to be privileged by their port or their flowers!

Groundsel – Pearl Necklace Plant or Senecio Rowleyanus

The main attraction of this drooping plant is as you can see on the picture below its foliage that looks like a river of peas.

It is a very very beautiful green drooping plant!

We recommend it if you are not a fan of watering.

Indeed, this plant will not hold a grudge against you if you forget to water it (well, not too long anyway!)

Groundsel - Pearl Necklace Plant or Senecio Rowleyanus

Pittsburgh Ivy

It is an ivy that you will be able to use as a hanging plant but also as a climber.

Ideal therefore to bring a magnificent vertical with as a central point a pretty pot.

To learn more about the hedera helix!

Pittsburgh Ivy

Falling Pilea

Two interesting characteristics for this plant.

First of all, its magnificent silvery foliage which earns it its name of aluminium plant or also fireworks plant!

Secondly, it is a hanging plant which appreciates shade and which makes it an interesting plant in our interiors which sometimes lack of light.

You will also note on the photo below its stems whose color enhances the foliage so particular.

Falling Pilea
Falling Pilea

Aeschynanthe ‘Rasta’

Well, I admit that we are on my favorite!

Look at these fabulous flowers which come to sublimate a tortuous foliage.

One is on the falling plant of interior par excellence since this plant accepts the interiors with a restricted humidity and a weak lighting.

Ideal therefore during winter when the light is less intense and the heating dries the air.

Note that this plant will bloom in your house during summer and part of fall.

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Aeschynanthe 'Rasta'
Aeschynanthe ‘Rasta’

Codonanthe crassifolia

When you think of codonanthe, you think of lightness and volubility!

This green tropical drooping plant is native to Brazil where it grows naturally in trees.

It will offer you pretty white or pink tubular flowers with pink/purple heart very perfumed.

This plant will prefer an exposure without direct sun and rather shaded.

Do not hesitate to plant it in a high pot to let its stems drip along the pot.

Codonanthe crassifolia
Codonanthe crassifolia

Dischidia ruscifolia

The particularity of this plant will be found essentially on the heart-shaped leaves.

It will be necessary that it likes a lot in its environment so that it deigns to show you its small white flowers.

Prefer for this plant a well heated room.

To learn more about the dischidia

Dischidia ruscifolia
Dischidia ruscifolia

Falling plant ‘Isabelle’

So, for this one, we can immediately see the interest of its dense and bright green foliage.

This green clump will bring a lot of light and color in your interior.

Falling plant 'Isabelle'
Falling plant ‘Isabelle’

Aeschynanthe ‘Japhrolepis’

Another Aeschynanthe but this time it is the Japhrolepis variety.

We like for this variety its beautiful foliage and its small salmon pink flowers.

Its culture is rather easy and you will not be disappointed if you choose this beautiful fallow plant.

Aeschynanthe 'Japhrolepis'
Aeschynanthe ‘Japhrolepis’

Image of Aeschynanthe « Japhrolepis » | Plante d'intérieur tropicale retombante | Hauteur 40-45cm | Pot de Ø 18cm

Tillandsia usneoides

This girl of the air (other name of the plant) is going to delight you by its exceptional foliage.

We like this form of garland which, if it is liked, will offer you a beautiful hair to which it will be necessary to bring a little moisture by vaporization.

Tillandsia usneoides
Tillandsia usneoides

Aeschynanthe ‘Twister’

The third and last Aeshiynanth of the selection.

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It looks a bit like the ‘Rasta’ with its red flowers and wavy leaves.

Like the ‘Rasta’, give it a humid atmosphere so that it can bloom as it should.

Aeschynanthe 'Twister'
Aeschynanthe ‘Twister’

And there you have it, my selection of 10 hanging plants ready to brighten up your interiors!

I’ll finish with the little slideshow that you can share more easily!

And you, what are your favorite hanging plants?

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